Prices :

    • Eco (fiberglass and carbon wing(without airex, more fabric and spars = heavier wing and stabilizer) : 390€

    • Light (fiberglass and airex wing) : 440€

    • Classic (fiberglass, airex and carbon wing) : 480€

    • Shipping with french postal service : USA : 55€, Australia : 65€, UK : 37€, for other country contact us by email, we send gliders all over the world

Options :

    • Peelply hinge for aileron and flaps : 10€

    • Extra colors : 20€ each

    • Color gradiant : 20€

    • Custom paint : variable price depending on the patterns

    • Cutting and application of vinyl : variable price depending on the size and patterns

    • Assembly (cutting of aileron, laying of sealing lips, pose of controls horns; pose of seal between wing and karman; laying drift, control horn and sheath control; servo wire laying and soldering on MPX sockets, gluing MPX sockets in wing and fuselage; pose of the stabilizer pipe) : 150€

The Akira model is inspired by F3F to have an efficient glider for leisure use. It has a sleek and aggressive design making it unique in the air or on the ground.
It have flaps for thermal conditions and for an easiest landing, full flying stab who making it very reactive and a good sized drift (usefull in thermals).
As each Rouge 13 model the Akira can be completely customized as you wish with paint and vinyl (two colors included, look option for extra colors)
Watch the flight of Akira model on our youtube channel.

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