Rouge 13 offers its expertise in the field of composite materials to offer you a whole range of services:

    • Repair of broken pieces (carbon, fiberglass, kevlar, texalium, basalt). We can repair everything : bicycle carbon frame, auto and motorcycle parts, hang glider speed bar, boat hull etc…
    • Dual-component paint, dual-component varnish, gelcoat, top coat
    • Polishing and waxing
    • Flooring resin
    • Manufacturing of mold and master
    • Cutting plotter, vinyl cutting according to your drawings or according to your wishes for your decorations

Contact us for any request :

    - Phone : +336 61 37 99 21

Visit our portfolio of accomplishments and repairs via our Facebook

Repair on a road bike and remaking of the original painting with cutting plotter and airbrush

Repair on a road bike carbon frame

Repair of broken carbon tube in two pieces of an hang glider

Repair on hang glider speed bar with Kevlar reinforcement and new varnish

Dual-component varnish on a harpoon

Recovery with carbon of a subaru spoiler and dual-component varnish

Repair and airbrush on a wing glider RC

Repairing an hang glider speed bar broken in two pieces, laying Kevlar reinforcements throughout the length, total recovery with carbon, ultra smooth and shiny finish with bi-component varnish

Dual-component paint on a semi-rigid boat

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